PipeX Device: Revolutionizing Piping System Maintenance

The PipeX device is an advanced, integrated system specifically designed to enhance the monitoring and predictive maintenance of piping systems. This comprehensive solution leverages cutting-edge technologies, making it a game-changer in the field of infrastructure maintenance and management.

PipeX's AI-Powered Bespoke Inference Models

PipeX leverages AI to create custom inference models, trained with data from individual monitoring devices, improving the accuracy and reliability of predictions regarding the piping system's condition.



Utilizes IoT devices to provide real-time data on the condition of piping systems. Continuous tracking of various parameters ensures early detection of potential issues.


Employs machine learning algorithms to predict and prevent failures before they occur. Reduces downtime and maintenance costs by addressing problems proactively.


Processes data locally at the network edge for faster responses and less reliance on cloud connectivity, enhancing monitoring system efficiency and reliability.


Integrates seamlessly with existing piping infrastructures across a range of applications. User-friendly interface provides easy access to insights and analytics


$25/per year

  • Access to PipeX Device
  • App Manage Leaks
  • Real Time Leak Detection
  • Instant Alerts By Email
  • Monthly Dashboard Reporting
  • Customer Support
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$40/Per Year

  • Access to PipeX Device
  • App Manage Leaks
  • Real Time Leak Detection
  • Instant Alerts By SMS & Email
  • Weekly and Monthly Reporting
  • Customer Support Advance priority response in 24 hours Subscribe
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$55/Per Year

  • App Manage Leaks
  • Real Time Leak Detection
  • Free Replacement
  • Alerts By SMS & Email
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reporting
  • Immediate priority response in 24hrs
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